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Andy Sheats

$5,738 of $8,000 target.

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Giles Hunt

Andy Sheats Sharing the Road 2014


I started BMX as a kid in Southern California.  One day a friend a fitted a free-wheel and BMX bars to an old Schwinn Beach Cruiser -- that was the first mountain bike I had ever seen. Every weekend we would hitch a ride to the top of a mountain near home and race each other down the fire trails.  I moved from the dirt to road during Uni and have ridden most mornings since then.


This is the 5th time I have ridden in the Amy Gillett Foundations Share the Road Tour.  I ride with the AGF to help support our shared objective to reduce cycling fatalities and injury.  I want drivers to pass me with the same care and safety that they would pass their own son, daughter or loved one.  


The Foundation works very hard to achieve these objectives by:

  • - working to change road rules
  • - driving improvements to road infrastructure
  • - pushing education and awareness with drivers
  • - helping cyclists adopt a more respectful and safer interaction with drivers.


As a rider, I can see the profound effect that the AGF has made to improve cycling safety in and around Melbourne. 


I’m asking my friends to dig in deep, as we all want to be safe and make it home alive.  Please click the Donate button now to make a difference.

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Amy Gillett Foundation

The Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) began its work in 2006 in the name of Amy Gillett, who was tragically killed as a result of being hit by a motorist whilst cycling with the Australian Women’s Road cycling team in Germany in 2005. The Amy Gillett Foundation's vision is for safe bicycling throughout Australia in order to achieve the ultimate target of zero bicycling fatalities. The Foundation promotes a safe and harmonious relationship of shared respect between bicyclists and motorists – to highlight the importance of being responsible every time we head out on the road whether we're on two wheels or on four. Why? Because everyone deserves to arrive at their destination safely irrespective of their chosen mode of transport.

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Andy Sheats

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$5,738 of $8,000 target

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