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Ride Info


When & Where


With the bulk of riders arriving in Brisbane on Saturday 8 November, we will depart the CBD the following morning, arriving in Airlie Beach on the afternoon of Saturday 15 November.


Riders will be expected to arrive in Brisbane on Saturday 8 November. You are fully supported for meals (alcohol excepted), transport & accommodation from lunchtime Saturday 8 November until arrival into Airlie Beach on Saturday 15 November. Riders choosing to stay an additional night (Saturday 15 November) may do so at their own expense. Rachael will make the necessary arrangements if required.


Ride Support


Tour Manager

Our Tour Manager will be your contact person from the moment you sign up until you complete the tour.


Director Sportif

Simon Gillett, Patron of the AGF, will be managing all things to do with routes and on road activities.


Team Cars

Each peloton is allocated a team car. The team car carries food, water, spares etc. The major function of the team car is to provide safety from overtaking traffic by following the peloton for the entire day.


Ride Leaders

Each peloton will be provided with a ride leader. The ride leader is responsible for navigation, and managing the peloton to ensure safety and cohesion on the road.


Massage Therapy

A number of massage staff including a qualified physiotherapist will accompany us on the tour to provide rejuvenating therapy for tired legs.


Mechanical Support

We will be accompanied by two qualified mechanics who will keep our bikes in top condition including servicing, tuning and washing as required.


Ride Options


Each day we will have three pelotons on the road. The Jens and Ulrich pelotons will ride the full distance each day. 120-200km. The Goss peloton will ride 70-120km each day and car lift the remainder. Riders are free to move within pelotons in consultation with the Director Sportif who will take into account ability and how you are recovering each day.