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We Remember


After Amy was killed, amid the turmoil of emotions experienced, trying to create something good out of a personal tragedy was often in my thoughts. This was how the concept of the Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF) started, in the hope that over time, we could make the roads safer for all bike riders.


Fear of fading memories after the loss of a loved one is something that is commonly experienced during the grieving process and was another objective in creating the AGF – to preserve Amy’s memory. Since that time, it has become more than that with an average of 38 families and communities every year having lost a loved one who was riding their bike.  The AGF is here for all families and communities to dedicate their memory and energy towards positive outcomes.


Amy’s Share the Road Tour offers a way for those similarly affected by road trauma to preserve their memories in a variety of ways that can contribute to increasing awareness and supporting the work of the AGF.


The AGF also recognises that many people are affected through injury as a result of a cycling incident that may require a lengthy period of rehabilitation.


The 2014 Amy’s Share the Road Tour offers all people affected by tragedy or injury a variety of ways to become involved.  The link below allows you to register your interest in a way that supports your own personal journey.


How you can become involved


We look forward to hearing from you and having you involved in some capacity with our 2014 Amy’s Share the Road Tour as we raise awareness on a seven day cycling journey from Brisbane to Airlie Beach, commencing on the 8th of November.



Simon Gillett

Patron, Amy Gillett Foundation