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Fundraising Tips


Imagination and planning are the key factors to a successful fundraising campaign

1. How to effectively fundraise
2. What more I can do
3. How your workplace can get involved
4. How your friends and family can assist you.


How to effectively fundraise


  • Connect with a school. The AGF could potentially give a presentation that would see the school support you. If a student body does some fundraising you could spread awareness and benefit from the links created.
  • The AGF can present to your immediate social or business group, explaining the need for change, the role you are playing in this and support any corporate fundraising initiative.
  • Make your personal contribution a substantial one to show your commitment.
  • Consider making your personal contribution larger than the required $1,000. Remember it is tax deductible. By increasing your personal contribution it takes some pressure off ensuring you reach the minimum $7,500 fundraising requirement.
  • Many employers offer dollar matching incentives for employees involved in fundraising. Speak to your employer, explain what you are doing and if they don't offer a matching incentive, encourage them to become involved.
  • Consider your business and social connection, how these can be used create further awareness of your fundraising efforts or even opportunities to tap into existing events which can assist your goal.
  • Investigate community groups like Rotary, Lions etc. They are often looking at projects to distribute their money.
  • Research the grants available from your local council. Our fundraising dollars are fed back into councils so they will often see good value in supporting your safety initiative when it directly impacts their own area.


Some of the finer detail:


  • Target those that will give the larger sums first so the visitors to your site are influenced by what is being generated.
  • Start your fundraising efforts early and cast your net wide.
  • Make your emails personal and follow up with a phone call for the extra personal touch whenever you can.
  • Concentrate your efforts and keep the momentum going. Don't stop and start - it's soul destroying!
  • People like to get something when they give. Identify what you can offer, maybe tickets, gift vouchers, lunch, or an event?
  • Tap into the enthusiasm for cycling by riding on another event; for example the Tour de France in July or the Amy's Gran Fondo in September.It is during these events that cycling awareness is high in the community. 


Regularly communicate with your social network providing updates on your efforts to keep them engaged: A newsletter is a good way to keep your friends, family and colleagues involved in what you are doing for charity.


Sections you can include:


  • What I did this week
  • Current fundraising total and fundraising target
  • The link to your fundraising page
  • Details of fundraising events
  • Facts about your charity
  • Photos


Remember: you are not only fundraising, you are also spreading awareness about the charity or cause you are supporting.


Forward to a friend: make the most of viral marketing and ask supporters to forward your email and let others know about your efforts.


Update your Page: update your page on a regular basis, this will allow your sponsors to go the distance with you. You can do this by changing your photo and editing your personal message on a weekly basis.


Email signature: add the link of your fundraising page to your email signature so others can learn about your fundraising drive. The AGF will help you create a customised signature block for inclusion in all your communications.


What more I can do?


Local/Community Newspaper: write to your local newspaper in the form of a press release: Remember journalists like to take exerts, it is better to write in third person. Tell your story, why you wanted to get involved, what you are in training for. Just remember to include your fundraising page link so you can receive donations!


Create a Flyer: you can use the same information as you have used for the email updates and simply print and stick them around your local area. The AGF can assist in creating a customised flyer for you to either print and leave at strategic locations, or to distribute via email.


Donations instead of Gifts: this is a great one, and it is very easy to do. On your birthday party invitation (for example) just simply state, "no presents please donate to my chosen charity" and add your GoFundraise link.


How your workplace can get involved:


Dollar Matching:  go to your employer or HR manager in person and request that they dollar match what you raise. Why not offer to display their company logo on your fundraising page?


Posters/Flyers: put posters up around the office, letting people see what you are doing and let them know how they can support you.


How your family can assist you:


A personal story to tell: having a positive avenue to remember a loved one is cathartic, just make sure everyone involved is on board. It is sensitive to include your family and those affected. 


Brainstorming: get your family involved by brainstorming ideas with them, tap into their networks and piggy back on their inspiration.


What we can do here: we are happy to talk you through these aspects and would be honoured to help you in this process.